Q & A

The following are some common questions people have when buying or selling a home.

Q The Bidding Wars! How can we compete in this market?

Although competition can be intimidating, you can enter the situation with more confidence by being prepared.

Get your ducks lined up!

  • Do a pre-home inspection
  • Get pre-qualified and know your financial limits

Know your competition
I will provide all neighbouring sales competition and assist you in determining your comfortable price range.

Healthy deposits and a certified cheque only better your offer.

I'll give you the facts

  • How many offers are registered?
  • Have there been any pre-home inspections?
  • Get regular updates regarding activity
Q What's the best way to pay off a mortgage quickly?

Make the largest regular payment possible
The larger your regular payment, the less interest you will pay over the amortization period.

Make your payments as frequently as possible
The most common payment frequency is monthly, however weekly or bi-weekly payments will take years off your amortization period.

Take advantage of all prepayment privileges allowed by your lender
Most lenders will offer options that allow you to contribute over and above your regular mortgage payment e.g. an amount equivalent to 10-15% of the mortgage amount per year.

Choose the shortest possible amortization period
A 25-year amortization period is most common however 5, 10 and 15-year options are also available by most lenders.

Q I've just bought my first house, where should I go and celebrate?

Congratulations on your purchase! You've just made a significant investment in your future! Here are my recommendations for best après-house-buying (or selling) cocktails:

Joy Bistro - Queen Street East
This hotspot in the trendy Leslieville area has a cozy feel and candlelit warmth. Boasting a simple but solid wine list with many bottles unbelievably under $30.

The Drake - King Street West
The Drake knows good food + wine + cocktails and not to mention home to Toronto's hippest crowd. The menu inlcudes lovingly concocted international cuisine and reinterpreted classics.

Le Petit Castor
Central Toronto's new "It Spot" and place to be seen. Perfect for the celebratory drink.

Rodney's Oyster House - King Street West
Seafood lovers rejoice and down home atmosphere. Perfect for afterwork oysters or a late night shuck.

Q What can I do to add value to my home?

Freshen Up
Add charm through a fresh coat of paint, hardware, rugs, soaps and flowers

Time to purge! Create a look that is clean, clear & streamlined

Finish your basement
This additional space can add generously to your sale price

Fix the undesirables… roof, windows, electrical
Purchasers look to solid structures and internal systems when buying a property.

Add a washroom
Don't get too caught up in trends. A spa bath may be luxe, but you'll get more bang-for-your-buck in creating additional bathrooms vs. luxurious ones.

If this all seems overwhelming, hire a professional stager to do the work. These professionals can transform your home to "show ready" in no time.